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All models are A-36 Steel, extensively reinforced for durability under extreme conditions.  They are easy to install and dipped in primer to cover all surfaces. We do not provide any finished painting.

Standard models are shipped with Rubber Faceplates pre-installed.

Add “K2” to the end of our part number for Faceplate/Rivets/Adhesive etc Included but not pre-installed. This is highly recommended if you intend to sandblast, Linex or Powder coat the pushbumper etc.

Most models are available with special options including:

  1. UHMW (Black) or HDPE (white) faceplates recommended for trucks used to push vehicles daily. Standard thickness is ½” but others are available by request.
  2. 2” or 2 ½” Receivers built in.
  3. Multiple Winch-Mount Versions are also available… see our page of Winch-Mount Pushbumpers.


The IDEAL Rapid Clearance Tool
Clear the Roadway Quickly & Safely and

Pushbumpers computer designed & manufactured for Incident Management and Emergency Response Vehicles including Tow Trucks, Road Service Trucks, Ambulances, Police Trucks, Fire Trucks, Bomb Squad Trucks, Swat Team Trucks and Homeland Security Trucks.

Available for all F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650 & F-750 trucks. Also available for E-Series.

Each standard model includes Heavy Duty Rubber Faceplate attached with Custom Stainless Steel Rivets, Adhesive, and Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bolt-on Mounting Bracket/Installation Kit. Most also include Tow Hook Access Openings, Air Flow Openings, and Optional Bolt-on Grille Guards.