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Chevy/GMC winch-mount pushbumpers

Meet Incident Management Time Constraints
with the IDEAL Rapid Clearance Tool to
Clear the Roadway and

A wide range of winch models (up to 18klb capacity) can be securely mounted inside our Winch-Mount Pushbumpers. Our Integrated 4-Roller Fairleads or Hawse Fairleads (used with Synthetic rope only) are recessed behind the Rubber Faceplate.

  • Heavy Duty Multi-Point Installation Bracketry
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Faceplates
  • Tow Hook Access and Airflow Openings
  • Optional Grille Guards
  • Optional ½” UHMW (Black) or HDPE (white) faceplates
  • Optional 2” or 2 ½” Receiver Hitches built in

Standard models are shipped with Rubber Faceplates pre-installed.
Add “K2” to the end of our part number for Rubber Faceplate/Rivets/Adhesive etc. included but not pre-installed.
This is highly recommended if you intend to sandblast, Linex or Powder Coat the pushbumper.