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Towing Accessories

Your Light Bar is a critical safety component. You want it to sit high and be clearly seen, but can you get into a parking garage without damaging it?  The MP-200 Fold-down Light Bar Brackets are just what you need. Two Cam-Locking Fold-down Brackets are bolted onto your headache rack. Release the Camlocks and you can flip the entire light bar over backwards. Rubber Vibration Mounts help hold the light bar securely in the normal position.

Wire Rope is the most wear-critical component on your Tow Truck.  Cable Tensioners make them last longer.

We use Heavy Duty Flat Wire Die Springs to make the best plate-style Cable Tensioners.  Typical Round wire springs can’t handle the hi-pressure off-center loading.

Carefully select the size and mounting style to fit your application.